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The finer things in life

Hello everyone,

How are you today ?

I'm most certainly happy that I can stop by the blog and share with you something very beautiful, very refined.

As you all know, I'm an absolute lover of fine jewellery and recently I have discovered, which is a company that sells jewellery for over 50 years! On their website you can find everything, from beautiful gemstone rings to bracelets, watches ( my favorite part), earrings, etc... all in all a wide selection of accessories; and also from popular brands like Swarovski, Ti Sento Milano, Paul Hewitt...


But my eyes were set on this fabulous piece, a 14K gold bracelet with a 0.05ct brilliant - a refined piece, one that is both classical and chic. The design makes it a piece of jewellery that you can carry forever. The diamond has a subtle sparkle; I like wearing diamonds to soirées as I feel it adds an elegant touch to any outfit.


Purchasing such a beautiful piece is making an investment ! Throughout the years I find myself more and more attracted by the idea of buying smart; something of value that can gain more value with time.


Other that that, I fell in love with the presentation mode of Mostert Juweliers - it's the first time I see such an ingenious packaging ! You can already see what's inside without even opening the box. It's cool to keep it as a decoration.

Of course, you can also find other, more affordable pieces on the brand's website.

Maybe I'll present you more in the future ;)

For now, thank you for stopping by the blog and I wish you all an amazing week ahead!


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