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That Jazzy feeling …

Hello sweeties,

To end the week on a more artistic note, I thought I would share with you my experience at the “Music Off, Jazz On” event ( the Valentine edition) that was hosted at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Brussels.

The event is replacing the “Samedi à l’Opera” and bringing with it even twice the fun as it can take place twice per month. You can stay updated by following their Facebook page.

So, let’s get started on my story ! 💘

I had the pleasure of attending the Vday special event which was fantastic … rose petals, fine champagne, heart shaped confetti.. the works to make this celebration one to remember. 

To set the mood, you can view the short video below just to see through my eyes the lovely atmosphere there:

For the food part.. it was just as I expected: AMAZING ! I hope they will never change their chefs and staff. The service is, as always, excellent and note that the menu itself isn’t that expensive in comparison to other fine restaurants…

The restaurant is placed at the Atrium. 

Beautiful and fancy, huh? 😏

You saw some pictures of this place in my last blogpost.

The room I stayed in was the same room type as last time, but this time it had a lovely view ! 

The thing I like most about Radisson Blu Royal Hotel is that it makes everything seem like home, even more like home. It’s quiet even though there are a lot of people, it’s elegant and the services are excellent from restaurant to check-in, to room service… 

I was very happy being able to share everything with you and hope you all have a lovely Sunday ! 🙂




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