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Take shelter

Hi guys, 

I had a big day today, as I was invited to Press Days Antwerp by Feinest Labels . I discovered a few lovely Belgian brands, but more of that on a future article ( stay tuned tomorrow morning ! ❤ )

Although Antwerp and Antwerp people are always dressed elegant and formal and everything, I wanted to “break the ice” and bring something new to the stage. The result, a bohemian/romantic look created with my beautiful dress from VerySimple, Sweet Lemon boots and a braided up-do. As for the accessories, well, I had my lovely bag, also from VerySimple, and a delicate name necklace from InNecklace. All in all, a fine look might I say for those of you who love to expose your feminine/romantic side.

And of course, here’s a song for you today. Why break the tradition, right? 🙂

What I wore:

– VerySimple dress ( their site here)

– VerySimple handbag

– Sweet Lemon boots (find them here)

– InNecklace name necklace ( get yours here)

Really hope you like the look and I must thank you so much for visiting, for the support and I’ll be sure to do soon my personal Giveaway as a token on my appreciation.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment ❤




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