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Take care of your hands !

Hello everyone,

How are you this Easter weekend ? Since it's the Catholic Easter ( so not the one I actually celebrate), I thought I should dedicate some time and shoot some stuff, but to also address a current problem right now - because of the continuous washing of our hands, I seem to be finding myself in need of hydrating them more than ever ! So a hand cream is definitely a must during these times. I've recently took part of a solitary action to raise lots of hand creams for nurses who work in a hospital here and I must say, it was enlightening ! Our hands need a lot of care these days and I'm here to share with you the hand cream that I have been using lately and how efficient it is !

Btw, Notino has a great online drugstore products department that is very handy in case you'd like to find some specific brands or category of products for this time being.

Also at Notino I have discovered this awesome brand, namely Babaria, coming straight from Spain. It was founded in 1981 and it's environmental friendly, cruelty-free and the hand cream that I just tested makes me want to test even more products from their range.


As you can see, the hand cream has olive oil in its composition and it nourishes well the skin, protecting it at the same time. The skin remains soft and silky !


I actually took two because they were also super affordable, like most Spanish drugstore products are. I think I always had a soft spot for Spanish beauty and fashion brands; I've always do my shopping when in Spain... oh, how I miss those days !


And yes, it's 100% vegan ! For the price, I recommend it 100% if you're looking for an affordable, yet quality brand to have. I saw that they have restocked it at Notino ( it was gone after I bought it for a little while), so better hurry up ! :)


I really hope you liked my little review article on this hand cream !

Wishing you a beautiful weekend and Happy Easter for those of you who are celebrating !

Stay home & stay safe xo


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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