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Hi sweeties,

Hope your weekend went well ! I actually thought yesterday was Sunday. I guess I’m just eager for Monday to come lol. So today I’m seing my friend Chifâa from The Belgian Laundry . Obviously it’s going to be a full day again :). Sometimes it’s so difficult to find time for family& friends. I can spend a week without actually seing my mom or the others… In a way I’m happy that I’m so buys cause it doesn’t allow me to think too much; when I think too much, I become sad. Doesn’t that happen to you?

For now, let’s just cheer up with a new outfit of the day post, one that it’s actually cheerful in bright colors, even though the weather is grey and “sad”.

What I wore:

– Choices skirt

– Six clutch

I think it would have been better to take a pair of sheer tights in a nude color so it wouldn’t be so ostentatious. 

Let me know your thoughts xo




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