Good morning everyone,

Hope you had an amazing weekend ! Mine was super busy, but it’s ok, I also had time to sleep more in the mornings.

I’m also happy to be back with a brand new outfit post. Since I got a lot of compliments on my outfit that I wore at Docks ( I also have been interviewed by a couple of students as my look popped up from the crowd), I thought I should let you know what I am waring.

Now these awesome cowboy boots come from Manfield and I actually didn’t had any 100% cowboy boots in my closet, thus I chose to pick these ones instead of the others with snake print. They are super comfy and I love how the work so well with my Zaful cropped sweater and the cute cap from Guts& Gusto. Btw, my 15% off code is still available at thier store – just add RUXANDRA15 at checkout. 🙂

What I wore:

  1. Zaful cropped sweater 

  2. Zara jeans

  3. Manfield cowboy boots

  4. Gucci bag

  5. Guts&Gusto cap 

Curious what’s in my MK bag? Well, I’m going to do a YouTube video soon to show you what I have found on sale, including at Michael Kors Docks – and might I add that they went 70% off ! :O

Have a fab Sunday and “see” you tomorrow !!



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