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Hi sweeties,

So sorry to be a tad more absent on the blog these days, but I’m preparing some amazing articles for you from Japan ! I adore this country… its hospitality, their way of doing things.. if Europe would be as half as hard working like these people and as honest ( and yes, I’m talking about governments and politicians ), then the “Old continent” would thrive more. They are all about doing everything right, humble and with respect for each other. I never felt so safe in my life !

Now I’m in the bus, going to Naha city… rain is still pouring ( thank you typhoon Jongdari ‘ rolling eyes’, but I’m still enjoying the fun ride and cool landscapes.

Moreover, I’m back with a brand new outfit post ( yes, I know it has been awhile), that I hope you’ll like and I promise I’ll try to do more when I go back to Europe.


What I wore:

  1. Novashe two piece 

  2. Schutz sandals

  3. Botkier bag

So this is it for now 🙂

I really hope you like this look and I’ll be back next week with more fashion related articles. But for now, I suggest you stay connected for the travel part, some articles will be published this weekend ! ><



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