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Hello sweeties,

Since you voted that I should post my look yesterday and just two of you voted for today, I thought I should post on Instagram first and then follow up with a blogpost today.

It has been really difficult to shoot lately and I can say that besides the lack of time, the weather hasn’t been my best friend either. But I’m trying my best to do some outfit posts in this period so please bare with me ! 

I recently stumbled upon a very cool and young brand called Dream Catcher which does some pretty amazing pieces. Here in Belgium were basically used to brands doing classic pieces more than anything, but this brand has definitely broke that pattern, creating youthful and original clothing using quality fabrics and unique designs.

Daring and magnetic, I chose Bella by Nina Ricci to be my signature perfume of my outfit for today ! 

What I wore:

I really hope you like this outfit and I’ll be certainly back tomorrow with a brand new one 🙂




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