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Simple kind of life

Good morning,

I have quite the busy day today, but nothing I can’t handle …I’m quite happy cause I managed to take some outfit pics yesterday, even though it’s quite cold outside and they are forecasting even more low temperatures for the coming days…

What is your week like?

Anyway, here is the lovely look I managed to put together today :

What I wore:

– New Chic Gracila Casual Turtleneck coffee cloack coat

– Zara skirt

– Zara shoes

– ZAC Zac Posen Eartha bag

– Dolce Gabbana gloves

– SammyDress earrings

I bet you are all wondering about my poncho coat.. it’s in one size and it’s quite fluffy. I didn’t expect it to be this cozy really :). And I thought to do a chic outfit with it, in a more DG direction…

Hope you like it ! 

See you tomorrow ! 



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