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Shiba Park Hotel

Hello everyone,

I’m taking advantage of this 3h flight to Okinawa to write a bit about my experience at Shiba Park Hotel, Tokyo.

Here below, you have also a video that I’m sure you’ll like and find it informative and more visual than plain old photos 😉 :

It was a really hot afternoon when I arrived in Tokyo, on the 21st of July 2018. The GPS first directed me to a park… I suggest carefully adding the right address to your phone cause it can be tricky !

The Hotel is conveniently placed close to a lot of train stations in Tokyo, but moreover, close to the one that has a direct line to Narita Airport which is AMAZING ! Tokyo is very big and I was happy to find a hotel that has access to almost every line.


First impression, as it was actually the general impression of the city: very clean ! Everything is spotless, people are very hard working and this hotel is no exception. The reception is very welcoming and helpful. You have WIFI at the hotel included with your stay which, for me, counts enormously. Plus, it works pretty good.


The room is cozy. I had a twin room, which was very sufficient. I find it even better that the double room I originally applied for. One single bed is even enough for two people.

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Another big plus I have to mention is the bathroom. So you have the bathroom and the toilet room. Separate, clean, perfect ! After seeing this, I want the same at home hahahaha 🙂 . Especially the toilet ! I know it may not be a common subject to talk about while describing hotels, but the toilet blew me away. It’s a pleasure to use it and it has functions that you may not have seen before, but I’ll let you discover more when you stay there. 😉


The design is minimal, traditional in a way, even the tapestry in the reception hall is  consisted of many pieces of different Nishijin-Ori (very traditional crafts in Kyoto) Kimono and obi belt cloth, the hotel manager picking the pieces himself and, with the help of a handy craftsman, has put them together in a single piece, describing the 4 seasons – you should definitely pay attention when checking in ! 🙂

Another thing that captured my attention was the Sakura activity. Something that you can read about in this article here.


Breakfast is a must ! It was actually the culinary highlight of the day for me (each and every day ! ). The diversity of the food and the promptitude of the staff amazed me. I’m more of a eat-not-to-die kind of girl, so every time I see some food worth mentioning, I find it quite nice to share with my readers.

I did not try the 3 restaurants that the hotel have, but seeing breakfast, I imagine that there are no different.


It’s a simple hotel, designed in the Japanese way of being; simple, but you have everything you need; minimal, but dashing. A place where more than one culture can feel like home.

Their 70 years of existence brings experience in the hotel business, attention to the client and a splendid matter of functioning, things being run smoothly by the staff.

I really enjoyed my stay at Shiba Park Hotel and through this article I would like to thank them all for an amazing time !

Hope to “see” you soon on my blog !




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