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Sequin trend –

So do you like sequin boots? I for one, am a big fan, but let’s save them more for going out rather than wearing them on a daily basis, shall we? 🙂

Anyway, you have more than one sequin style…but I found a few boots that will shine up your world!

This model is from Gedebe. It’s not that sequin, but I figured we should start light and then build our way up to the top :). I adore the velvet feel, the beautiful details and I spotted quite a few bags at their “place” that are magnificent as well. These booties are their “proposal” for sequin trend this year; very cute, perfect with a simple upper outfit. What can I say? I’m smitten .

Ok, so KENDAL + KYLIE had literally “attacked” the sequin trend doing a lot of beautiful ankle boots that I truly adore and I’m sure they are as comfortable as expected. I already own a pair of boots from the brand that are just perfect. I know I had some light critics towards them at the time being, but I’m sure they are constantly evolving so I def would recommend trying their “game”.

Madewell has really “made well” their sequin proposition for the season. Practical, thick heel, with a pitch of simplicity on the side, they got my vote ! 

Oh, my favorites ! Currently in my bag at Shopbop, waiting for them to be welcomed in my shoe collection. A perfect mix of disco even though the sequins aren’t those real sequins that you are used to, but a more metallic proposition is created at Schutz, combining the current design we already saw at Yves Saint Laurent with Schutz ‘s practical design and as I can imagine, comfiness that I’m dying to try and tell you everything about it ! 

This here shoe is my upmost favorite and has my first place :).

The ultra-chic at Sigerson Morrison is unmistakeable. A beautiful chic sequin shoe is born, featuring also the knot trend in a delightful way with a fantastic hell. Now I’m eye-ing another awesome pair of booties from them that I hope will be soon enjoying, but all that in another story.

Even though it’s more glittery than the real sequin, they are still a perfect choice for the holidays.

With a heavy 100% sequin, here comes again KENDAL + KYLIE , lighting up our eyes with these awesome booties that I personally adore and voilà, making another entry on my favorite list.

Last, but not least, Ash has also their sequin bootie on the roll, keeping though their simple lines and I guess comfortable signature the brand is constantly offering. Obviously, a fan of these ankle boots, liking especially how they “dressed up” the heel as well, that accentuates the oversized image.

So, that’s it for tonight… Hope you’ll be back tomorrow for more fashionable stuff ! 🙂


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