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Self Tanning Products

Hi there everyone,

How are you this wonderful morning?

After a long week and a long weekend spent outside of Brussels, I'm back with a recharged battery and a rather better health condition.

Last week, while wanting to do a photoshoot by the sea, I found myself burned, my right leg being even swollen for a couple of days and don't get me started on the dreadful pain. Moral of the day: ALWAYS apply sunscreen regardless of who you'd bother ( in this case the clothing company and me trying to be careful with everything).

To be honest, I wish the self tanning option would have crossed my mind and so, I would have already have a nice tan and shot everything in another location. :)

So, on that thought, I'd like to present to you a couple of self-tanning products that I like very much and that can be an option for people not willing to expose themselves to the harmful sun rays ( or people who simply don't have the time to do all of that!)

Of course, you can find quite a nice variety of such products on the Notino website.



A first product that is of my liking is the Collistar Face Magic Drops.This self-tanning face concentrate contains the innovative DHA Rapid component which reduces the time required to achieve an even, natural-looking, spot-free tan. It is also enriched with vitamin E and corn derivatives that promotes hydration of the skin and having an anti-aging effect.

I like adding it to my usual daily cream dose for a smooth tanning.


If you're looking for a product that is both for face and body ( at an affordable price as well), then I'd suggest the Vichy Idéal Soleil Capital moisturising self-tanning milk.

It doesn't leave any traces, it hydrating and nourishing and it evens out the skin tone.

You definitely have value for the price.


Going back to Collistar ( which is quite a great brand when it comes to beauty products, and here I found a second one to include to my list).

The Magica BB body plus is a one of a kind in the self-tanning world as it's going to tan your skin quite delicately. If you're not looking for a very dark skin, but more of a tone or two more darker, then this is the product for you. Its light texture, with a fine pigmentation, is immediately absorbed by the skin, making it more beautiful and ensuring a coloured and uniform complexion.


The St. Tropez brand is the 'daddy' of the tanning world of products. And even though this product right here does the complete opposite of self-tanning, I thought it would be interesting to include it in my list as I know how wrong a self-tanning session can go. I did it once at a beauty institut and it was completely awful, me looking like an orange afterwards. I could have definitely used this St. Tropez tan remover mousse at the time. Oh, and the brand also has great applicator mitts. Definitely a must-have if you are a self-tanning lover.

Thank you so much for checking out the blog and I hope this info will help you out in case you'd like to pick out some self-tanning products.


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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