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Hello lovelies,

I know it’s Monday today, but this fine look was shoot this last Saturday. It started out so lovely, a beautiful sunny day…birds were singing, the Spring air was definitely felt outside… I was so happy to witness such a dazzling day, so I went ahead and put on my gorgeous Sonia Peña dress – a vision of perfection – added some matching make-up, did my hair, put my heels on and then went out to take some pics… But as in those fairytales, a dark cloud came and it started raining so much !! I was so annoyed because I was imagining myself going in a park full of flowers where this outfit would have taken life. Instead, I found myself taking pictures under a bridge.

Luckily the dress is beautiful enough to brighten the whole picture

What I wore:

– Zara shoes

– SIX clutch

I don’t give up that easy. I still took some pics, I still wanted to show you this marvelous look because I don’t like getting ready for about an hour and a half and then going back home with my tail between my legs.

So how do you find this dress? 🙂




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