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Sakura at Shiba Park Hotel Tokyo

Hello lovelies,

As promised, today I’m going to share with you more about the Sakura activities that are available at Shiba Park Hotel. Used in every day life, the Japanese people kept some of their ancient traditions alive and now you can have the chance to discover more about their culture by attending one of the current workshops at Shiba Park Hotel. The staff is trained into giving information and also teaching you how to Furoshiki wrap or attend a tea ceremony in Japan.

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You have a few from which to pick such as: Takoyaki Cooking, The art of Shodo, Japanese Calligraphy Experience, Sake Tasting, Manekineko Painting, Origami, Japanese Tea Ceremony and of course, Furoshiki wrapping. Each day – another activity ! The origami activity is free, but the rest have different prices :).

You just have to book your desired workshop in advance at the reception and the event itself will take place in the Japanese culture salon located in the hotel’s premises. And yes, it’s just for the hotel guests.


I experienced the Furoshiki Wrapping ! It was very fun as I never thought this existed. It was something new for me and quite interesting to learn different ways of wrapping things up, and I’m not saying it metaphorical :)). For instance, now I know how to transform my little piece of textile cloth into a bag to carry my groceries; if you think about it, it’s more ecological than a plastic bag.

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Moreover, you can afterwards transform it to wrap a bottle and carry it around (or even two separate bottles !), or your melon… of course, you can also use it to wrap a gift box. Yotsu Musubi will be much more appreciated than your usual wrapping paper. Plus, it’s very fun to create and quite fast.


You don’t need to be very handy to be good at Furoshiki wrapping. All you need is attention to firmly learn the steps. Obviously, the teacher will be there to help you every step of the way. I see it as an amazing activity with people with kids or just for people who are interested in learning more about the Japanese lifestyle.


In addition, they intend to be planning some tours (on a irregularly basis) such as Bon dancing at Zojoji so guests can experience the seasonal delights of Japan.

I love when a hotel does more than just being a hotel, so congratulations, Shiba Park Hotel for always wanting to do more and of course, for the invite to try out one of your traditional Japanese activities xo

Hope you liked my little article and be sure to stay tuned for more !



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