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Rockstar 21

Hi sweeties,

I’m so tired and now I also have a muscle soreness from yesterday’s coaching at Martin’s Spa.It was indeed, an awesome place and I wish I could live there to take care of myself 24/7. It’s so important to do sport and I’m missing the gym… it’s been so so long since I didn’t go. Sadly, a day has only 24h and you still have to sleep, eat etc…

Anyway, I have a really interesting look for you today, it’s something in between minimalistic and party theme.

I’m totally in love with Sacha Shoes bijoux collection, Luz. As I wanted to do something different, I wore my chocker necklace in another way :). Oh, and of course, I’m also wearing those fab boots you helped me pick last week ! I think they could work so cool with the whole look, especially with that warm grey sweater I love so much.

Who doesn’t like a cozy sweater?

What I wore:

– Zaful skirt

I always like trying something different and I must say that it’s like a deconstructed outfit, many pieces, randomly put together.

Personally I find the shoes’ design quite unique, so it seems like I’ve added another pair to my big collection. I really should arrange my room today, as it looks terrible… so much stuff around and I cannot move from bed 😅 God give me strength ! 

Really hope you like the look, sweeties ! 

I’ll be back with more tomorrow so stay tuned 🙂




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