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Restaurant Argentina

Good evening ladies & gents,

Why I mentioned also the gentlemans ? Well, this particular article will interest them as well.

A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to test out a new restaurant in Brussels, meaning Restaurant Argentina.

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Based mainly on grill & tapas, Restaurant Argentina distinguishes itself by having a friendly cosy environment, with lovely service and tapas sharing. Yup, that’s right, you can choose to share the dishes with your companion that I think it’s quite lovely.

I have tried all from the tapas portion of the menu. My favorites ? The Aubergine rôtie au Miel d’Acacia (Roasted Aubergine with Acacia Honey ), the Croquette de Fromage avec confit de coing  ( Cheese croquettes with quince confit) and of course, Tortilla de pdt aux oignons, sauce tartare ( potato tortilla with onions, tartar sauce ) . These are my very personal favorites  !


And of course, the star of the show – the lava stone where you can cook the meat on your own ! My bf had a lot of fun doing the whole barbecue 🙂 … men and barbecue – never ending love story –


The meat is 100% Argentinian and it tastes amazing ! I went to Brazil a couple of years ago and I remembered the same flavor and tenderness characteristic to South American meat. As you can imagine, they also have vegetarian dishes so you won’t be disappointed if you’re not a meat lover.

With the main meat dish, comes a side dish as well. Not taking the whole meat + fries etalon, Restaurant Argentina chooses to variate sides, having constant changes to the menu, and some very unique and tasty changes might I add !


Price wise, it’s quite democratic and you also have the take-away option if you don’t feel staying there to enjoy your meal.

Some dessert to go with maybe?


I’m going to leave you the menu I had when I went visiting :


Curious ?

Give them a visit. You won’t be disappointed 😀




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