Good morning everyone,

I had such a lovely day yesterday and without a few exceptions, I really loved how everything went. Nonetheless, I would like to make a little sentence for petty people: you will always be petty. I normally ignore you, but sometimes you’re too petty, I have to call you out. Sorry. Everybody should mind their own business and just stick to their own lives. As my grandfather used to say ” mind your own plate”.

That being said, I’m happy to bring you something more positive, like today’s outfit post 🙂 . I’m so in love with the new collection from LolaLiza; so many cute patterns and such wonderful styling.

What I wore:

  1. Lookbook Store shirt

  2. LolaLiza skirt

  3. NA-KD sandals

  4. Rebecca Minkoff bag

I must leave you now as I have a long day to prepare for 🙂

Speak soon xo



#fashionblogger2018 #lolaliza #ootdblogger #outfitoftheday


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