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Paula’s Choice

Hi guys,

How are you ? Can you believe it’s almost the end of the week? I mean, how did it pass so quickly ?

Time goes by really quick and that’s a fact. You can already see it on yourself, our skin having the biggest traces…

Last week I went to an amazing press day in Amsterdam with Paula’s Choice. Maybe the brand might seem quite new to you and I admit it, I didn’t know it before, as I didn’t know Paula as well.


Paula Beth Begoun, also known as “The Cosmetics Cop”, is an American talk radio host, author, and businesswoman. She is the founder of Paula’s Choice and Beginning Press Publishing. -source Wikipedia 

For me, Paula is such an inspiring woman and not to mention, one of the most cultivated persons in the beauty domain that I know. A simple woman with a great vison – making you look young for the rest of your life ! It’s not the advertisement type of person, where she would talk for 10 hours about HER products. No, Paula is there to teach you about your skin, about factors about this that… knowledge that is tested and approved and also verified by herself.


The reason we all gathered in Amsterdam is to witness the launch of her brand new product, the UnScrub –The UnScrub is a cleansing face scrub with natural dissolvable jojoba beads that gently cleanses and polishes skin, leaving it silky soft and never dry or red.

Are you curious about this product?  I know I cannot wait to try it. As I have been travelling a lot lately, I must admit that I didn’t get the chance !

Thank you for visit the blog, peeps ! I’ll be back soon with more goodies.




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