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Hi guys,

How are you this beautiful Wednesday ? Ok, it wasn’t that warm outside, but at least it was sunny ! I was so happy that I was able to do some photos because I literally didn’t had anything left to post 🙂

Also, I know I haven’t been very active here on the blog, but hopefully that will change soon. Now I will have a period when I will be posting more, but afterwards, because I will be moving, I won’t have much time again…

Anyway, I’m back with a brand new outfit post that I’d love to share with you xo

I actually shared this look on my Instagram a few days back, but I really love how the look came out and here I am again with a more detail picture of it. 🙂

Over time, I feel that SheIn really developed a great platform for clothes and the quality has evolved as well… keep reading below to see what I am wearing !


What I wore:

  1. SheIn coat

  2. SheIn beanie

  3. Calzedonia tights

  4. Bershka boots

A lot of people crush on my boots from Bershka, but the problem is that they are from a very old collection. I must tell you that Dr Martens has a lot of similar styles when it comes to combo boots, so you should def check them out !

Moreover, my coupon code for SheIn is still valid ! 🙂 use byruxandraQ for 10% off any order above 19€ and 15% off any order above 49€ ! 

Thank you so much for checking out the blog !

I’ll be back tomorrow with more 🙂




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