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One and only

Hi guys,

I would like to thank you all for your concern for yesterday. Yes, I passed by the Central Station, but it was like one hour distance ( or more) before the attack. It’s such a shame we are meant to live in a world like this where you have to think that each moment can be your last. I supposed this is, more or less, how people were feeling during wars; maybe on a higher scale, but still with that doubt that maybe the day you wake up can be your last. That’s why you have to make each moment count ! 

I’m gonna still do my thing, regardless to what may or may not happen. 

And I’m also back with a new outfit post, as usual 🙂

I have an awesome mix in between punk and delicate, black and white lace, very unique, very different, but still wearable.

What I wore:

– Pimkie jeans

– Zara booties

Really hope you like this look as well 🙂




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