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Nuvanna – not just a mattress

Hey guys,

I’ve managed to survive yesterday and I went straight home after the exam back home. Gosh it can really take a lot of energy and concentration. I just wanted to sleep afterwards😴! 

I think having a good mattress to sleep on is a big must ! Luckily, the era we live in and the fact that we can benefit from so many high end studies makes us have access to the best products on the market. A great mattress is a great investment in your wellbeing, that’s why Nuvanna came up with the best mattress there is ( in my opinion, nonetheless).

They have a strong philosophy based on a goodnight’s sleep as a balance of life, as a way to pure happiness, cause, let’s face it, we are all cranky and inefficient when we don’t rest well at night.

Their sleep experts came up with the ultimate foam mattress and well, today is your lucky day because you can have $150 off, the biggest discount the company ever made.

You just need to add 150JUNE at checkout while shopping for The Nuvanna Mattress  or simply by clicking this here link.

Also, anyone who uses the discount code, receives as well a Gratitude Journal so that you can write everyday what you are grateful for. And I think you’ll be every so grateful by having such a fab mattress in your life. As they have great customer care, you can direct them any questions at @sleepnuvanna on both Instagram and Facebook.

I know I’m overexcited, but I find that sleep, up there with food and being warm, are literally the most important things in my life. It’s about taken care of yourself, your body recovery during sleep, your soul. I need my goodnight’s sleep.

And now, with all my heart, I wish you a very goodnight ! 🙂




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