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Nice for that

Hi guys,

My day has started super busy and the fact that I don’t have an actual boss and collaborating with several companies/brands, makes them believe that I’m 100% working just for them all the time. That’s quite frustrating… I mean, you want me to be 100% yours? Then pay me as such. Not have a claim on me and expect me to be 24/7 on the call for you… It feels like people forgot the knowledge of respect. You have to respect others (as long as they respect you ofc) and understand that you’re talking to another human being, not an object. This is what I call modern slavery, they have the intention that you’re their slave for 100€ or just a product(one time, not per month not nada).

Anyway, that was just a little side note that I wanted to get out of my chest. I put a lot of work and dedication in my blog and some people just want to take advantage of that…

On a more fashionable note, I have a super cute look for today ! I’m sure you’ll just adore this cute “earthy” mix with red/leopard accents that I put together for you. Also, you can get 7% off at Airydress with my code: RUX7

What I wore:

– Stradivarius pants

– River Island clutch

I hope you’ll like this cute look and don’t forget to stay tuned later cause I have a big announcement to make ! !




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