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New this month

Hi sweeties,

We have officially passed the middle of March and here, at the moment, we are having 0 degrees! Why ? Well, I just saw an interesting video on global warming and despite the common thought, it’s not all about high temperatures, but low one as well. That polar vortex we had for a couple of weeks, that was also the result of climate change. And this change isn’t just here in Europe, it’s all around the world… If you want to see something more explicit, then you can check Leonardo DiCaprio ‘s Before the Flood documentary 

I remember when we had to buy a car last year and even though my bf wanted a big one, I wasn’t “neah, let’s got for the small one”. If I would have had the chance, I would have bought one on electricity, but I think that in the same tone, we don’t really have that much power stations installed in the country… 

With that being said, let’s continue with what’s new at Shopbop

Well, I’m gonna tell you what’s new – T by Alexander Wang is here and I could not be more in love ! 😱😻😻😻

Just check out these magnificent pieces that scream – “buy me!”


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