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Namibia -second part

Hi everyone,

So I know I’ve been kinda postponing on writing more about my trip in Namibia, but I really want to do a nice full article ( several articles that is as I stood there for 2 weeks).

So last time I was heading to Kolmanskop that was actually a stop along the way. We were there at 8am with my lovely long dress as a photo session was foreseen there. 🙂


I think that Kolmanskop (aka Ghost Town ) is a photographer’s dream ! I suggest you go there early in the morning so you avoid the horde of tourists that visit the town. Unfortunately we didn’t had the chance to do the guided tour that started at 10am, but if you go there I’d really recommend taking the tour and learning more about the abandoned city. Btw, we paid at the gate so unless you’re going there like at sunrise, you can also purchase your tickets at the entrance.


After this, our destination was Sossusvlei ! It’s quite the drive actually… It took us about 6h30 to get there… everything is so far apart in Namibia. Being used to a “long drive” of 1h in Belgium, you can imagine the patience I needed to gather to get from one place to another over there. Also, the roads aren’t very good.. most of the roads in the Namib Desert are gravel roads and you cannot go over 80km/h… I mean you could, but then you risk having a flat tire or even wore… an accident! Luckily our car was very well equipped and a great one for these situations – thank you, Travel Namibia 4×4 Car Rentals !


Ok, so Sossusvlei is definitely a big big highlight of the trip ! I mean it’s an amazing area and I absolutely love the desert so I felt kinda like home 🙂 ( maybe it’s my Scoprio gene).


Even though you’d think there is desert and that it wouldn’t be much to see, well, you are wrong ! There are lots of animals in the area and you can do some game ( that’s how it’s called) daily. In Sossusvlei, we stood at Dead Valley Lodgewhich was conveniently located inside the National Park. Obviously, we went one morning to catch the sunrise at Deadvlei… it was breathtaking !


One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Actually the area is beautiful regardless the time of the day… I wish I could have stood awake 24/7 so I won’t miss anything ! The road to Deadvlei is very bad, so I’d recommend following a local car not to get stuck in the sand. We almost did stuck in the sand and fortunately the car was good enough to get out of that predicament. Oh, and also, don’t forget to bring your water with you when you go for the dunes as it’s quite a walk ..


Other than that, you can admire the wildlife there with oryxes, wildebeests, ostriches and many more lovely animals to see.


After staying 4 days in this spot ( and actually spending New Year’s at this lodge), we moved forward and went to Walvis Bay. Here I found flamingo heaven… there were so many flamingos I couldn’t believe my eyes ( big flamingo fan 😀 ) .


Besides flamingos, there were other birds to spot in Walvis Bay. It’s such a nice place and quite developed as a city and port.


I really loved the vibe of the city and the people are so nice and I mean here you can really enjoy life.. the slow life, no stress or pressure… just ending your day on the ocean side, watching the waves and the sun set…


There is much to see here and sadly, we had to leave the next morning for our new destination … that you’ll find out in my 3rd and last part about my trip in Namibia 🙂 .

Thank you for visiting the blog!

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