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Namibia – first impressions

(disclaimer: this article was being written while I was still in Naminia)

Hello everyone and Happy New Year !

As this is the first post of 2020, I’m happily wishing you all a New Year filled with joy, accomplishments and everything you’ve ever wished for.

I’m halfway though my Namibian adventure and I thought I should start writing things down as every day has brought me new sights, new people… a lot of NEW and I wanted to share what I have seen until now so I make sure I won’t leave any detail gone missing 🙂 .

On Christmas day we have arrived at Windhoek airport. Even though we already had our visas, we still needed to do the queue with all the others and after about 40min or so, we picked up our bagages ( that lasted another 30 min) and then went straight to the little exchange office in the airport ( it’s a bank actually so the rate is quite convenient). Obviously I needed a data SIM card and for about 30€ I have purchased a data plan for 6GB + 3GB after a week. It’s said to cover 95% of Namibia, but I must have traveled the 5% then as the network coverage was mostly off during the trip… just yesterday I had my data plan expire with 4GB and I activated the remaining 3…

The taxi guy from the airport charged us N400$ ( so 1€ is about 15 Namibian Dollars so you have an idea).

On the road to the hotel, we already spotted some monkeys which was super cute !

Arriving at AM Weinberg Boutique Hotel very early, we didn’t had much to do but take a lovely breakfast and after check-in, we went directly to sleep after a 10h flight from Frankfurt, Germany. We spent the next days there…


There isn’t much to do in Windhoek as it’s a city and we weren’t there for the buildings you know 🙂 ; however we did had a (long) walk from the hotel to the Christ Church and Independence Memorial Museum ( which was closed as it was Christmas ). The restaurant on top was open, but personally I didn’t like my dish ( and yes, I am very pretentious as you well know). 🙂 The view was lovely though.


On the 27th we went to pick up the car from Travel Namibia 4×4 Car Rental ( they actually picked us up from the hotel).

We had a very long drive to White House Guest Farm where I did my first sleepover in a tent ( the car’s tent that is). The place is clean and the food is quite good, but I was disappointed about the constant trouble with their bank as they credited my card twice for the stay and apparently it doesn’t show on their bank statement so I still need to sort that out with my bank back in Belgium ( problem was solved upon my arrival back home); apparently we weren’t the first case as they had many more ( probably it would be advisable to change banks ?). Otherwise, very nice hosts and the camping site was great and safe.


Next day, Fish River Canyon was “on the menu” and it didn’t disappoint. This is the second largest canyon on Earth.


A quick stop, some photos and then went from there to Luderitz – another long drive, but quite nice. Stood at Obelix Guesthouse for the night and just visited Shark Island and had dinner at a local restaurant. The guesthouse was ok, but honestly, if it wasn’t that windy there, we would have definitely spent the night in a tent…

It was actually in Luderitz that I spotted the first flamingos and was so focused on getting a good photo ( which I actually did ) 😀 – not knowing that I’d spot hoards along the way in another city .


We actually wanted to go visit the Ghost Town aka Kolmanskop, but after 13h you need a special permit to get in, so we visited that the next day, on our way to the next point on the map ….

created by dji camera

..but all of that in part 2 of my travel in Namibia ! 🙂

Stay tuned !




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