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Moxy London Excel

Good evening lovelies,

Now for those of you who prefer a short read on a Friday night rather than going out, well, I certainly do have one for you !

It’s about time I share my experience at Moxy London Excel, a cosy hotel situated near the City Airport in London, the Excel area, an area that was unfamiliar to me, the tourist that was visiting UK for the 4th or 5th time in my life.

On this occasion, I chose a more affordable hotel to stay at as I didn’t want my blog to go all luxury  want just a certain type of people following me, and for those who are already following me and that are on a budget then this article is for you if you ever decide to visit London.

As usual, you have a little video that goes with my tale:

So Moxy London Excel.. where to begin ? Well, one thing that really captured my attention is the arty part of the hotel… so many cute stuff, so made for Instagram you know?! The little ideas written all over the place, the FUN – yes, that’s the word I would describe Moxy London Excel- a FUN hotel, a FUN place to be with FUN people. It’s quite the cozy spot to be at and I know it may be a bit far from the city center, but there is so much more to London than the city center. I mean I have discovered places I never knew of, places like Greenwich that I never visited; there you feel like new London is building itself and I would totally recommend taking the Emirates London Cable Car that is just a walk away from the hotel.


I feel like London is expanding, recreating itself… and as a big London fan, I must say that it was super nice to see that.

Now about the hotel room. It was simple, clean and you have everything you need ( minus a mini-fridge as they don’t carry one). Other than that, everything was perfect, with more attention given to those beautiful sunsets that you can witness from your bed. My room was conveniently settled so I can have a beautiful view… no complaints there 🙂


Breakfast is mandatory. And even breakfast is well presented, again in a fun atmosphere that always brightens your mood and makes sure you can have a good start. Of course, they serve hot chocolate ( YEY) – I’m a big fan and the Moxy London Excel makes one hell of a hot coco ^^

Oh, and don’t forget the pastries – TO DIE FOR !!

The Royal Albert station is located 3 minutes away. You have also a lake view if you decide to go exploring outside of the hotel and just cross the street and the buildings in front. There are also other restaurants if you want to eat differently than the hotel’s daily dinner suggestion ( like a Chinese one just in front of the hotel and a Lebanese at  5 minutes, walking distance).


If you want to have a drink, you can do so in the lobby, the front desk having incorporated a bar as well.

All in all, my stay at Moxy London Excel was pleasant, the service was perfect, the rooms were nice and tidy, I ate well for breakfast and I didn’t had anything to complain about (well, I would have loved to take more photos actually 😀 ). A big kudos and a big thank you for having me.

Hope you enjoyed this little article and hope you’ll be back for more !



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