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Monday Blues

Good morning everyone,

How are you today ? Are you ready to start a new week and for that matter, a new month? I just can’t believe February is here… I’m overwhelmed of the work volume this week and I would pretty much like to see myself at the end of the week, watching my favorites series and just enjoying some time in bed. Yup, I’m old now… no party time for me 🙂 .

Other than that, I have a brand new outfit post that I would like to share with you all ! I’m wearing this oversized sweater from Guts& Gusto that I found particularly pretty in color and design – don’t forget to use my 15% discount code – RUXANDRA15 if you have in mind to do some shopping.


What I wore:

  1. Guts& Gusto sweater

  2. Zara leggings

  3. Prada bag 

  4. Sacha Shoes booties

I hope you like the look and I can’t wait to be back with more awesome OOTDs in the days to come xo



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