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Hi everyone,

How are you this extra rainy Sunday? ( yes, it's been raining cats and dogs since last night here in Brussels; I certainly do hope that floods won't come down running this time)

I wanted to take this day off and just rest, but I have so much work to do ! And a new super full week is on the horizon, so yes... no rest for the wicked, right ?

I do have a super cute look for you today. Actually, with this here rainy period, I would absolutely recommend some cute boots for fall. Here I chose a pair of loafers because the weather was still so sunny and warm. Manfield tends to have quite the shoe selection for every taste and occasion :)







What I wore:

- C&A ensemble and vest

- Manfield shoes

- Botkier bag

I'm really such a fan of this look. It doesn't get more comfy than this :)

I left my C&A outfit out for more wears. It seems that nowadays we tend to wear an outfit only once and then we just 'throw' it away, somewhere in our closet. It goes without saying that I already had worn the shoes more than once ;). It's rare that I find something super comfy !

It looks like are going into a serious fall period, so I think this may be the time that I'll put out my fall wardrobe .. it was nice while it lasted this sunny weather..

I hope you will enjoy the rest of the day !

Thank you for stopping by and "see" you soon xo



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