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Mercedes E220d 4Matic All Terrain

Hello sweeties,

As promised, I’m back with a review of the new Mercedes Benz E220d 4Matic All Terrain ! 

What to expect from this car? Well, as a woman, I simply adore a car that can be easily driven. This car right here is absolutely fantastic from this point of view. I mean even the worse driver ever can drive this car because 80%, this car drives itself. For instance on the highway, you have the autopilot and it’s simply amazing. We went to visit the Alsace region of France and on the highway, it started to rain, the car immediately sensed it was raining so it has reduced speed and prepared itself properly for the weather conditions (car wipers on, reduced itself to the legal speed ). 

I’m starting directly with what it knows to do ! Another thing I’ve noticed is equalising the tire pressure so that the car always has the perfect balance when driving. 

Do you have cars in front of you on the highway? No problem, it senses them as well ! As a matter of fact, Red (as I like calling her) senses everything ! And of course, when using autopilot, Red has to know you’re still there, so from time to time, it will ask you to put your hands on the steering wheel, just to know you’re still awake. 

Another thing that surely amazed me is the way it uses its lights. On the highway, when sensing a car in front, it immediately reduces the lights so you won’t blind off the driver in front, but in the meantime you still have a glimpse on the free side of the road, so you can have visibility where there is none ! 

On a more technical part, the E220d 4Matic All Terrain features 143Kw / 4 Cylinders with 194hp, an automatic transmission and a fuel consomption of 4,5- 4,9l /100km. You have 5 different driving programmes with, of course the All-terrain option with off road settings.

Feeling safe and comfortable are the two main features of the new “Red”. That’s what I would say after a few days of driving this baby.

For the “look” well, I’m totally in love with the red versions, of course, a beautiful shade of red with nice curves and a perfect interior that just screams ” classy” ! Of course, Mercedes Benz makes such versatile cars, it’s not a surprise that this one is no less.

Big plus for the space as well… you can literally sleep in the car, the back benches being able to fold, of course.

And then you have the music…for me, an important feature of the car ! As opposed to the SL400 where Harmann was playing Rihanna’s songs, Red here had a Burmester audio system installed. I was pleasantly delighted to discovered this wonderful system done by the legendary Dieter Burmester. I think it’s again, a classy touch, being more refined than Harmann for this here car.

All in all, a classy, spacious family car with incredible features, great music system. A real pleasure to drive it, so thumbs up for “Red” ! 🙂




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