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Mercedes-Benz G-Class G 500

Hi sweeties,

I’m finally in the creative mood to put together this little article about this amazing car :

The new G500 Mercedes-Benz !

Now I was a tad skeptical about this huge car. Not a big fan of this type of car, but I convinced myself that I should give it a try. And I’m very happy I did ! Ever since I saw it in the parking lot (so before I picked it up), I knew this is the car I will have this time.

It was love at first sight… it was loving the incredible Hulk, this monster-car, defying my past beliefs, my usual taste, a beast… but a magnificent one, with “only” 422 horses behind. This gangsta poetry has a V8 engine, a powerful one to lift those 2000kg (give or take)



What would I love this monster? Well, it can give you the best hugs ! 🙂

The interior is splendid, nothing surprising with Mercedes-Benz.. a classy leather lays in front of you; massage front seats, of course; Burmester Surround system and of course those huge rims and Multibeam led headlights. A car that would make 50 cent jealous that he got something else.


Attention to details.

I love MB’s constant attention to details… that craftsmanship – spotless, impressive, genuine.


Superpowers? Maybe !

And you know what? It’s not even black; that’s a beautiful metallic emerald green ! You don’t believe me ? Look closer!

Examine. Envision. Worship.


Stability is the key here. You will not go anywhere that you don’t want to with this one… no, this one is special, this one has a special

I surely worshiped it while driving. For me, driving big cars like this one would have been simulating driving a bus. Not the monster… the monster was smooth, easy to handle… a rather taming of the beast. You feel on top of everybody, on top of the world. Addictive sensation for simple mortals. Try and see ! 😉 It’s only 137.322,91€ . A bargain !




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