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Mercedes-Benz E200 Cabrio

Hi guys,

I hope your week started well. I’m more sad than happy for so many reasons…one of them would be the shitty weather outside. Don’t you wish it would be summer forever? Or at least having sunshine each and every day ?

I had my share of sunshine while testing out the new Mercedes E200 cabrio last week. As you probably saw in my Instastories, it’s one hell of a car ! 

It’s the kind of car that would be perfect for Monte Carlo or California weather. Of course that, even though it’s a convertible, you can still feel the pleasure of driving it with its top on.

This here model is the very new, 2018 ! So you can check out in exclusivity all the pics and the video that comes with. 

As a coupe model, you only have two doors and the front chairs pull back and forth automatically. It’s not very fun when it’s raining outside though :).

I call this car “Elegance”. Why ? You just have to have a look at the interior and even exterior for that matter and you’ll understand on the spot.

Drive wise, I don’t have anything bad to say about it. You have a full computer in your board, so everything is at the push of a button. The automatic gearbox features a 9G-TRONIC system, a quite rare one, making the driving experience comfortable, subtle and precise.

Of course, you can turn on the chair massage option too if you feel uncomfortable after a long road. I know I did 😉 

Details are, as expected, beautiful. A true elegant car with beautiful leather interior and AMG kit to make it look even nicer if that’s even possible, comes with 184 horse power and 8,1/8,6 l/km consumption. 

The perfect car for a long drive and even more perfect to ride down the coast, with the wind in your hair :).

I’ll let you enjoy this little video as well, hoping that you liked my article on this fab pleasure on four wheels:

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email ! 




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