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Mercedes-Benz CLA 200 d Shooting Brake

Hi guys,

Hope you week has started well. I’m still in bed after countless days of hard working from dust till dawn. So I needed the time to relax a bit, at least for a few hours before I start another busy day. 

In this article I would love to tell you all about my experience with the new Mercedes-Benz CLA200d Shooting Brake which has been amazing ! 

I have a little video just to take a look at it from the inside:

Unlike the SL400, this car is more “dutiful”, being of course, more of a family car. Very spacious and neat, the CLA200d Shooting Brake features a 130 horse power engine and a manual six-speed gearbox. This car is quite economic, having a consumption of just 5,0l/100Km ( that being actually the maximum).

Another strong point that this car has shown me is the stability and comfort you have while driving, having a front traction.

What to expect from the 2016 model from a “fashionable” point of view ? Well, it has an awesome facelift ! That means new stops, new lights, new rims – you know, the works 😏

The trunk is quite spacious as well. It has almost 500 l ! Now that comes in handy when you’re leaving in a vacation and have a lot of stuff to take with you. 

All in all, it’s quite a nice, resistant car with a whole lot of flair and quite stylish.

Hope you liked the post, guys ! 

See you later 




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