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Martin’s All Suites

Good evening everyone,

Hope your weekend is going as you planned… For me it’s still a busy weekend, but hey, I don’t mind 🙂 . I have been in a positive vibe lately that really influences the way I look at things and I would suggest you try it as well. It’s always better when you feel good, you think positive and you attract the same.

I’m here this evening to present you a bit my super short stay at Martin’s All Suites, a 4 star hotel in Louvain-la-Neuve. It may not be far from Brussels, but it’s still nice to discover new spots, especially for you, dear readers, so you know what to expect when staying there.

To start with, the whole complex is HUGE ! There are actually two hotels in one and they are both part of Martin’s Hotels. The two structures are conveniently located in the heart of the city and of Belgium itself for that matter. In total, around 30000 square meters !

My double room was very cosy, clean and featured a nice big bed that I tried one hour after arriving because I was super tired 🙂


The same evening I had the pleasure to try the hotel’s restaurant, B’Comme. Needless to say, their dishes were AMAZING and I totally recommend the Beef Angus carpaccio with fresh mango, coriandre, sesame and lime. It’s my personal fave and I ate it all… clean dish, scout’s honor !

I really enjoyed my stay even though it was only for one night. After dinner we headed to the SPA/Thermes area, where you have a lovely pool with warm water and of course, saunas as well.


It’s quite the pleasant stay, the service is wonderful both at the hotel and the restaurant. Breakfast was quite fair and I wouldn’t have anything to complain about 🙂


Hope you enjoyed my little article and hope you’ll be back tomorrow for a brand new OOTD as per usj 😉




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