Living in a bikini

Hi guys,

How are you this wonderful day ? I finally got some rest and after a not-so-nice day yesterday, I’m back with a fresh mind and positive thoughts.

Moreover, when I look at the pictures I took during my trip in Jamaica, I’m even more determined not to let petty people get me down because I am entitled of the life that I’m living, working hard every day, giving my best to every project and the fact that I’m not selling myself short and not letting anyone taking advantage of me is my choice; and if this makes me the bad guy, then let it be so! I will always speak my mind 🙂

I’m also super eager to share a whole article and tell you more about my trip, my impression of the place, of the people, of the services etc… but for now, you can see better my awesome bikini from Calzedonia  ! 

And when life gets difficult to bare, just set yourself a goal ! It always helps 🙂

For me, my goal was to travel more and have amazing experiences in this very short life 🙂

How about you ?



#calzedoniabikini #twopiecebikini2019


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