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Late night show. 50 cent in Brussels. Fiesta Club Louise.

Hello, loves! 

I hope you started the week good. Here we are having a holiday, so no work ( theoretically, cause I’m gonna get some of it done later; lol ). Anyway, before everything I wanted to share with you, guys, some photos and a video from last night’s show. This awesome club has opened and I thought it would be cool if I went down there (“undercover” as always), and check it out! Plus they had 50 cent and the G-Unit crew as a special guest, so I thought “what the heck, I’m in mood for a little party!” (But hey, I guess you’ve already knew I was going there from Instragram ( or Facebook), right? 🙂. Seeing that Mirano Club Continental ( here in Brussels), was such a big disappointment ( I advice you again NOT TO GO, you will stay in the line for hours and when you’ll have your turn, you risk being rejected!! The doormen are brutal and heartless !). It’s a pity cause the club itself is really spacious and awesome!( you can read a full post here about it)..

Anyhow, viva Fiesta Club Louise ! It’s newly opened and I saw that even Ian Somerhalder attended when he was in Brussels. (pity I didn’t know lol ). The music is awesome, waiters and doormen are nice ( or at least at the moment they are), the only thing missing are some chairs!:) You know that us ladies have heels, right?;)  I think the club is, for now, searching for its identity.. like there were a lot of young people ( “children” in these old lady’s eyes 😛 ), but at the same time you would find other age categories. Right about 2:30 AM, the guest star of the night, 50 cent appeared, looking exactly as I imagined .. very cool and detached. While being stepped by the crazy crowd, I took some pics and videos. I didn’t bring my big camera, so I apologize if they seem a little blurry. 

 (I have another one added to my YouTube channel if you want to see)

I know that you may not consider me the rapping type of girl, but I remember growing up with his music. I was like 13 years old when I first heard its tunes on TV… Time really does fly, right? 🙂 But hey, I guess you’ve already knew I was going there from Instragram ( or Facebook), right? 🙂




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