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La Nuit Tresor Nude

Hello everyone,

Well, this is it! We're basically in lockdown until the 3rd of April ( or further notice).

Even though I don't have the virus, I am limiting my activities outside the house and yes, my trip to Egypt seems to be canceled. But what can you do ? This affects everyone...

Luckily, we can still buy stuff online! I mean I do spend a lot of time checking out Notino and in between so many products, I also have found La Nuit Trésor Nude from Lancôme - a novelty from the Lancôme perfume family, but slightly different than the other " La Nuit Trésor" perfumes..


The bottle is so beautiful ! It's like having a diamond in your hand... and for the smell, well, the top note is rose ( one of my favorite notes in a perfume btw), base notes are coconut and vanilla. Now I'm not a big fan on vanilla itself, but in this mix, it really came out amazing !



As you can see, this is quite the elegant perfume and might I say, very easy to have with you around. As all the Lancôme perfumes, the scent is rather persistent and I got a lot of compliments when wearing it.


Being an interpretation of La Nuit Trésor, the Nude version is somehow more refined and at the same time exotic thanks to the vanilla touch.

The fragrance was launched in January of this year ( 2020 ) and it's already a hit !


If you're searching for a feminine fragrance for Spring/ Summer, then I would suggest trying this one. :)

Notino is still delivering their packages so have no fear !

Thank you for checking out the blog and I will be back with another article very soon !

Stay safe xo



Disclaimer: Article sponsored by Notino


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