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L’Alexain Wellness Hotel

Hi guys,

As many of you were wondering about my past trip in the Alsace region of France, well, I thought I’d share with you this amazing hotel I stayed in that I totally recommend ! 

L’Alexain Wellness and Spa hotel has def taken no 1 in French hotels. Not only that you have a dedicated Wellness & Spa area, you also have a great hospitality from the people who work there.

The spa is amazing ! It features a Hammam area, sauna, waterbeds, a salt room and of course, my fave, a swimming pool with bubbles.

You can also take advantage of other facilities like massages or beauty treatments upon request.

You have a big parking and I suggest taking the dinner menu as you don’t have any places to eat around. The chef is awesome ! He does really nice food and the price is quite affordable.


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