Korean Face Masks

Hi everyone!

And how are you today ?

We are waiting for a very important announcement this afternoon... to see wether we will have a new lockdown or not. I, personally, would vote for not... I would make harsher rules so everyone can obey them. The economy has suffered enough...

I'm mainly a positive person, realistic, but staying positive all the time. So if we do go into lockdown, I made a promise to myself to have more time for me, to take care of myself mentally and physically. All these last 5 months of renovating have taken a toll on me...

Since I'm a huge fan of Korean face masks, I did a little selection of my top 5 must-haves / must-tries ! You can find a wide selection of Korean beauty products at Notino, so I suggest you have a look asap xo

I picked 5 different masks from 4 different Korean brands, so let's start with the first one: