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Korean Face Masks

Hi everyone!

And how are you today ?

We are waiting for a very important announcement this afternoon... to see wether we will have a new lockdown or not. I, personally, would vote for not... I would make harsher rules so everyone can obey them. The economy has suffered enough...

I'm mainly a positive person, realistic, but staying positive all the time. So if we do go into lockdown, I made a promise to myself to have more time for me, to take care of myself mentally and physically. All these last 5 months of renovating have taken a toll on me...

Since I'm a huge fan of Korean face masks, I did a little selection of my top 5 must-haves / must-tries ! You can find a wide selection of Korean beauty products at Notino, so I suggest you have a look asap xo

I picked 5 different masks from 4 different Korean brands, so let's start with the first one:


Mizon - Joyful Time

Mizon is a company that established itself in the year 2000 and behind it are top Korean researchers from top cosmetics companies that are super dedicated in bringing amazing beauty products on the market.

The Essence Mask will deeply hydrate your skin, nourishing it intensely and it releases the impurities present in the pores and closes the pores as well.

It's perfect if you're looking for a more firm skin !


KOCOSTAR - Slice Mask Sheet

Everybody loves a good sheet mask, right ? Imagine that, but with a banana scent ... ! Super nice 😌...

Other than that, the mask is very moisturising and leaves your skin soft like silk with a natural glow thanks to the banana extract.

How to use it ?

Gently remove the mask from its packaging and put it on the previously washed face. Leave on for the period indicated on the package. Lightly massage the serum that has not soaked into the skin or wipe it off with a makeup remover pad.


MISSHA - Airy Fit Pomegranate

Any pomegranate fans out there? 🙋‍♀️

Missha is a Korean brand that thinks that quality products should be affordable, and with this philosophy they've managed to distinguish themselves on the market.

The sheet pomegranate face mask is no different.

Besides being super affordable, this sheet mask will give your skin elasticity, hydrating it and also giving you a feeling of comfort.


Holika Holika - Skin Rescuer Peptide

I wanted to include this particular face mask with peptides in my top 5 because it also has an anti-aging effect.

Like the MISSHA mask, it restores the skin's elasticity and has a deep nourishing effect.

It reduces wrinkles and leaves the skin silky soft.

Holika Holika is considered as a luxury skincare brand, so you can expect only great products. :)


Normally I wanted to include another Korean brand, but as I have a nice affinity with Holika Holika, I wanted to share the 5th face mask also from them.

I must admit, the package design was to blame ! It's so specific for Asian brands and I remember that they had this certain vibe when I visited Japan... very fun, very anime 😀.

But other than that, the Baby Pet Magic Mask (pug) is really efficient against wrinkles and also ... you will be super surprised if you decide to try it ! I won't spoil the surprise ;) . I can only say that if you are a pug owner (or know a friend who is), you just have to get this face mask. It's an amazing gift idea xo

Well, I hope you enjoyed this super fun article as much as I enjoyed writing it !

Wishing you all the best and stay safe xo


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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