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It’s Sunday. Chill !

Hello sweeties,

I woke up some moment ago and as you probably saw, I really took advantage of my weekend lol. It’s so nice when you meet new people and especially if they’re not tied up ! I met a very nice gal the other day and she introduced me to her friends and it was so nice just hanging out like I haven’t done in a long time.

So it’s Sunday and the only thing good about tomorrow ( but at the same time bad) is the GOT series finale… I feel so betrayed that they let me wait more than an year for 7 freaking episodes. That’s just soooo not enough… apparently the next season will start in Sept 2018, so I’ll probably have amnesia until then…

Anyway, as I said, it’s still Sunday so good vibes all the way…especially with my new outfit which just screams ” holiday” 🙂


What I wore:

Really hope you love the look, sweeties ! 

I’ll def be back tomorrow with more ^^




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