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It’s not just a game

Hi guys,

It’s Tuesday and I have a really REALLY long day ahead. First of all, I would like to start by saying that I had a bad experience ( to say the least) with Media Markt ( the one from City 2). From the staff’s rudeness -( of course they don’t have the mood to work, why should they? There are so many people that would kill to bring food on the table and have a decent job; others just take that for granted and roll their eyes back when the customer asks something! Ugh, quit if you don’t like what you’re doing 😒) – to the fact that a simple fridge arrived like a month later (in the meanwhile my mom threw away lots of food). After calls, Twitter messages and even going on the spot (again, same treatment), my mom’s fridge arrived yesterday WITH A BIG WHOLE in the middle. Someone probably either bumped it into something or the darn thing came from wherever like that… I feel like I’m going crazy ! Where’s the Customer Support ? Where’s the Customer’s rights? I’m very curious to see how they will handle the situation and if we’ll get something more than “on sait rien faire” (we cannot do nothing).

Oh, and ofc we weren’t the only victims… there were many other people doing the line in the shop that had various problems, so Media Markt are you a problem?

Ok, let’s sweeten the day with an outfit post and hope you’ll love this one even though it’s from last year. I never shared this look till now actually 🙂

Today I’m def doing some current outfit pics so stay tuned ! 

The full look comes from Zaful

Hope you like it 🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow with more xo




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