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It's been awhile

Hi everyone,

How are you ? I hope you are well and not to mention, safe !

I can't understand where a week has passed and since I had such a busy week last week ( plus some administrative problems to say so), I didn't had the chance to update the blog.

It's nothing very bad, but I hate it when state companies try to get your money. In my case this was Partena Professional who is going after something since 2018 that I don't have any involvement with. It wouldn't be the first time they try to intimidate people to pay ... you should see the feedback from their clients. It's dreadful ! I know someone who got a 6000€ invoice to pay from their part and after spending an afternoon in their officies (at the time you could go there because now you barely have someone answer your calls), turns out it was an 'error from their system'. Why don't they do errors to eradicate payments or to give you money? It's always the other way around. Even the people who work at Partena aren't happy, so how can you make your customer happy?!

Anyway, I stopped with them a long time back because of this and now I'm super happy with UCM; didn't had any problems whatsoever, someone always answers my calls and emails and I know that at least I can have help if I have a problem.

I really hope this will all be figured out and they'll realise that it was a mistake from their part because I don't have the time and energy to chase after wild geese.

Meanwhile, I have a new OOTD post for you today ! ( at least that's a ray of sunshine, even though outside is snowing lol)

My outfit comes from the Spring collection of Joseph Ribkoff and I'm particularly happy on how it came out :)









I must say, these So Kate shoes from Louboutin are one of the most uncomfortable shoes I ever worn, but they are so darn gorgeous... I'd rather have blisters than take them off :))

Anyway, I hope you like the styling here and I can't wait to be back with more great #ootds ( as soon as the snow stops falling) for this Spring !



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