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Inspired by nature

And so it is with C&A's beautiful SS20 collection of dresses. I saw so many amazing designs during the presentation in Warsaw last year and I was thrilled to spot a couple of them in stores last week.

I chose this fabulous dress in a emerald green colour which is simply perfect to wear on so many occasions. I think that C&A really did a great job when creating this collection. The items can be worn in different styles, from casual to elegant, and that's something I really look for when purchasing a piece of clothing.



What I wore:

  • C&A dress, bag

  • Zara slides

Someone was asking me if I prefer to shop online or at the store. Well, to be honest, I do both.

Sometimes you can find different articles in store and the other way around.

However, I adore when you guys feel inspired to get the same things that I wear, for me it's like being an online stylist :)

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog and I wish you all a fabulous week ahead!




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