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I'm still here

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all having an amazing week. I was just naming my new folder with pics for today ( that's what I do so I have everything organised on my hard drive), and I realised how lucky we are to have come this far. I mean I would have thought famine would have killed us by now or worse things would have happened. Can you imagine we are living through a global pandemic ? I feel this is a modern war and one that is not bound to end soon enough.

Meanwhile, we try to stay into the bubble and enjoy the life we have and even though this is not the case for many people that are facing difficulties, I'd like to focus on the positive aspects of life... And I really want to translate all this positivity into my #ootds !

I happen to have a very nice one for you today that I hope you'll like and I mean, it's such a cute look and maybe a tad "serious", but suits are still very hip this season, and actual coordinates all together.

And yes, I have found a perfect replacement for Coco's iconic pumps at Manfield :)








What I wore:

- Bershka blazer & pants

- Mango top

- Manfield shoes

- Chanel bag

I felt very happy with the way this outfit came out and I hope you'll like it as well. I feel this is such a cool look to wear at work, but also in the city. It's so chic !

Until next time, I wish you all a great week ahead! xo



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