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I like the way

Hi guys,

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? For instance, me, I have songs stuck in my head during sleep and when I wake up, they are still playing lol. Do you know what “cure” is for that ? You have to listen to the song again, like in reality. 🙂 it’s crazy !

So I today I woke up with Bodyrockers – I like the way – thus my article title.

On another note, I have a brand new outfit instored for you today !

Let’s keep the coolness rolling and go for an awesome look, featuring this super cute corset from Delphine the Label.

For more info on what I’m wearing, check below:

What I wore

– Pimkie shirt

So, what do you think about this fab look? Would it be something you’d wear? 🙂

See you later, alligator !




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