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How I remove my make-up

Hi sweeties,

I’m back this not so beautiful morning with a special post. Since I have a little bit more time today due to the nasty weather and all, I thought I should share with you something really exciting.

I was super happy when a brand I’ve been using ever since I got to Belgium made me discover other products that they have. I remember when I first got here how difficult the switch was and how I wanted to find products that matched the ones I had in Romania… one of those products was my make-up removal pads. After a few failed attempts on buying some that were simply awful, I stumbled upon DEMAK’UP cotton pads… THEY WERE AMAZING ! I was super thrilled to find them and I’ve been using them ever since. 

To know more, I even did a little video that I just know you’ll love ! 

My favorite ones that I always use are the Expert Cotton Pads; I even have their travel kit so it makes it even more practical for me to carry them around. 

 • ultra-effective honeycomb texture: this 100% natural yarn of cotton grid captures every kind of make-up, even long-lasting and waterproof make-up.

• A smooth and soft side – The smooth side eliminates delicately impurities and residues. The skin is cleaned in-depth.

• Its honeycomb texture is also perfect for capturing nail varnish, even the most resistant ones – make the test! Yup, I use them to clean my toenails as well because they don’t scatter.

Even the coati approves them :).

 ( P.S. no animals where harmed during the shooting, I just think it was super cute he wanted to participate while I was doing my pics ! )

You can imagine how excited I was when DEMAK’UP made me discover the other products that they have, products I had no idea about.

So these are the other products I wasn’t familiar with:

The DEMAK’UP Expert Wipes

  • Perfect, fast and practical make-up removal ( you can see that in the video)

• Product Benefit: Demak’Up Expert make-up removal wipes: 80% effective as of the first gesture thanks to the association of a honeycomb texture and a soft cleansing milk formula based on Cottonseed Oil. They remove perfectly every kind of make-up, even waterproof and resistant, without any greasiness.

• Without perfume, without alcohol, without parabens. Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control.

• Cotton that does not become fluffy

• 100% cotton, Demak’Up Expertise 

It’s a really cool product, especially for me, that I have to change lipstick when going shooting or for instance, when I go to the gym and I have to remove my make-up before…

I think it’s a really cool product and that’s why now I keep one in the car. Totally handy ! 

Of course, you also have the Sensitive version:

• Perfect, fast and practical make-up removal 

• Product Benefit: The micelles contained in the formula enable make-up and impurities to be captured without aggressing the skin. A real joy for all sensitive skin types!

• Ultra-soft fibres

• Hypoallergenic: formulated to minimize the risks of allergy.

• Without perfume, without alcohol, without parabens. 

I use the Sensitive Wipes for taking off face masks. During the day, especially when I go shooting and it’s super cold or windy outside, my eyes become red in an instant and I feel them burning. I think my skin is quite sensitive when I expose it to wind, cold or even heat ! That’s why, in the evening, after I take my bath, I like putting on a face mask to moisturize it. As you can see in the video and in the pics, my eyes are really red, so for taking the mask off, I prefer using the Sensitive wipes. I know they are mainly for make-up removal, but trust me, it’s so horrible when you wash your mask off and it gets into the eyes, especially with my eyes already being irritated. So I prefer using these Sensitive wipes that are amazing for taking everything off ! 🙂

Afterwards, I just normally rince my face .

As the wipes have their Sensitive version, the cotton pads do too! 

Introducing the Sensitive Cotton Pads ! 

• Ultra-soft for optimal tolerance: Demak’Up Sensitive Cotton Make-Up Removal Pads are adapted to sensitive skin types, thanks to their ultra-soft fibers and their extracts of Cottonseed oil, recognized for its softening and soothing properties. They remove softly the make-up from the most sensitive areas, such as the delicate skin of the contour of the eye.

• 100% cotton

• does not become fluffy

As you can imagine, I use these babies to remove the eye make-up when I’m at home. After going out or using heavy make-up on my eyes, I prefer using these cotton pads as I feel they are better adjusted to my eye’s needs.

To know more about their awesome products, you can view the site in French here or in Dutch here.

Really hope you enjoyed my little article and hope it will help you as it did me ! 


See you later, alligator !



This article was made in collaboration with DEMAK’UP


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