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Hotel Palm Royal Naha

Good evening lovelies,

I’m back with a new article about the hotel I stood in while I was in Naha, Okinawa. Naha is a busy city. It’s where the airport is placed and thus, this makes it the most important city of the island.

Setting foot into Naha after standing on a more « stranded » mini-island ( Sesoko Island), you immediately feel the difference. The city has a close vibe to Tokyo, but on a more « islandy » note.

In Naha, I stood at Palm Royal Hotel. I think the most important aspect of the hotel to mention is that it’s the only hotel that is LGBT friendly !

Of course, as usual, I have a video that joins this article:


Personally, for me, the art decoration of the hotel captured my attention. I never saw so many artifacts in a hotel before. It makes you feel like you’re visiting the Louvre. Lovely art from all over the world gathered in that place and the best part is that the new wing of the hotel (Royal Art Museum Tower) will be even more amazing and it will open in November of this year ( 2018).


We were lucky enough to stay in the prestigious Duxiana Premium Twin. A luxurious room with an amazing view of the city. Entering the room, you feel as you have stepped in your super rich grandparent’s house that you never had. A vintage feeling, a rich vintage feeling to be more accurate surrounds the place… beautiful and full of history. If only the furniture could talk. I really loved the chairs and the mirror. Those were for me, the essentials pieces. 

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The bathroom is as well, exceeding expectations, with a cool toilet that “salutes” you when you come at it :)) . That was super fun ! And the bathtub is huge and everything is covered in marble.


The beds are signed Duxiana, being carefully chosen, pressure-free and just perfect for your back.  Obviously, you can have the best sleep after a relaxing SPA that the hotel offers downstairs.


Even the water has a nano technology throughout the hotel that cares for your hair and skin !

Breakfast is basic; you can find basic food from both the asian cuisine and the western one. But there is no hot coco 🙂 so you know !

Oh, and I really recommend buying PJs from the hotel store. I bought one and it’s AMAZING !

The hotel is close to everything, being quite in the center so a lot of sights are within walking distance. If not, you have the Monorail at just 4 minutes away if you’d like to visit something else !

I hope you like this article and don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions xo




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