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Hotel Gold by Marina in Playa del Inglés

Hello everyone,

How are you this lovely weekend ?

Coming back from my last trip in the Canary Islands, this time visiting Gran Canaria, I found myself missing the beautiful sunny weather that these islands have all year round. It’s a lovely destination and quite frankly, an affordable one. But I’ll tell you all about it in a different article dedicated to this lovely island.

This article is about the hotel I stayed in, Gold by Marina in Playa del Inglés, a hotel conveniently situated like 20-30 minutes drive from the airport, very close to shops, restaurants, beach and everything else the Maspalomas area has to offer.

Gold by Marina is an adult only hotel which in my case that is fabulous ! Here is a little video as per usj:


Besides that, the hotel is also one of the most Instagrammable hotels I have visited. Today, that’s a very important aspect and I think this will attract a lot of artistic people with a sharp eye and attraction to this sort of things.

As you can see, the hotel is quite big and beautiful .. the architecture is interesting and modern, but we can spot different vintage pieces in the decor. Their motto is ” Feel vintage, live modern”, exactly the type of vibe that the place frees.

We took a room with a terrace. I felt it was more fun to have a little “foyer” where you can read a book or just chill. Plus, it’s just a few steps away from one of the pools.

I must add here that there are 2 swimming pools at the hotel and both of them are heated so you can enjoy to a max your stay !

The room was very spacious and it featured a shower, a little kitchen (but equipped with everything you need in case you’d like to prepare your own meals), a big bed ( there were actually two beds put together I think), a sofa, a TV and of course, the famous terrace that I have been dying to see. 🙂

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Besides the 2 heated pools, the hotel has a jacuzzi and a sauna on the 4th floor. The view there is so beautiful, especially when the sun sets. Everything is so neat and tidy, also designed with good taste that I immediately feel in love.


A perfect way to end the day ! 🙂

Breakfast wise, I really adored the little cakes, cookies and pastry home made. Even though they don’t have hot chocolate, there is Nesquik and hot milk available so you can prepare something similar. You know what a big hot chocolate fan I am and I always make the remark in all my articles. Otherwise, I also liked the cheese there, quite a nice selection served for breakfast, which btw, is until 12h ! How cool is that ?

The hotel also has a gym and a wellness cottage in case you’re in the mood for some relaxation… a nice massage maybe ?

All in all, this is a great hotel to stay at. The staff is very nice and helpful, there are parking spots available around the hotel, the clients are quite polite too… Plus, the hotel has these events every evening like live music, tapas… so cool ! I really loved staying there and I would love to come back one day 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read through my article and I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the weekend !




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