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Hotel Claris - Barcelona

Good morning everyone,

And how is the weekend treating you ? I guess the holiday frenzy has taken over and people seem to be like in a race to get everything done by Christmas. I know I am ;)

Ever since I came back from Barcelona, I worked non stop - but I'm not complaining because I had an amazing time in ciudad comtal. My after press-trip stay was absolutely fantastic - I would definitely put Hotel Claris on my hotels around the world list as it was everything I could ever wish for.


Hotel Claris is a part of Derby Hotels Collection, a thrilling collection of hotels located in a few lucky cities. Besides offering a 5 star stay and experience, the hotel is quite remarkable in terms of architecture, culture and environmental/economical sustainability. When you stay with Hotel Claris, you're also contributing to the Egyptian Museum that is located just 80m away from the hotel. The entrance is free and even though I didn't had the opportunity to visit it because my stay was quite short, I saw that it would be quite nice to visit. The entrance remains free when you stay with Claris.

Coming back to the building's stunning design, the hotel actually resides inside a historical monument, the Palau Vedruna, built in 1883 and although the neighbourhood went through a refurbishing, the neoclassical facade was preserved. After a warm welcome with a glass of champagne and while we were waiting for our room to be ready, we had the time to admire the beautiful lobby, the wonderful waterfall inside and when going to our rooms, the panoramic elevators.

The immense pleasure to have a suite at this amazing hotel !

Let me tell you more ... or better yet, let me show you xo

The Grand Suite is quite big, and the bed was spacious and comfortable. You have a living room area just on top of your bathroom, overseeing the bedroom :). For me personally, it was a dream ! Everything from the enormous bathtub, that royal wallpaper and antique style bedside table lamps, the hallway & bedroom design mirror... an amazing place to stay ! I would have loved a closet ( or maybe I didn't find it since the room was so big **)

And now I'd like to take to breakfast ! Let's start with the service: which was impeccable - the staff is very helpful and attentive to your needs. A good nutritious breakfast buffet combined with a menu à la carte is everything you need to have a good start of the day. Even the dinning hall is so beautiful.. I feel like the hotel worked a lot on all details and the hotel itself is a perfect combination of art meets modernism.

And talking about art, since the hotel is involved in cultural initiatives, on the first floor of the hotel you will have the chance to see a little exhibition of mayan (and other) creations and objects.

On the same Mayan note, I would like to mention here the hotel's SPA, the Mayan Secret Spa to be more precise. Since it was my birthday weekend celebration, I indulged myself with a deep tissue massage. Within the price, you have access to the Mexican sauna and chromotherapy shower. Both very lovely, it was my first time trying the two.


Definitely a must-try when at Hotel Claris.

Now we visited in November, so it's not that warm anymore for a bikini, but guess what ? The rooftop of the hotel has also a swimming pool and a nice bar/ restaurant.

I can imagine myself in the summer here.. so nice.. But it was still lovely to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Barcelona really stole my heart ! It's not the same city that I visited 10 years ago :)

I'll be sure to come back more and get to explore more places.

In the meantime, thank you very much for tuning in, I hope you like my article here and that you'll be inspired where to stay when visiting Barça ;)

The hotel is conveniently located close to the posh shops, taxis, public transportation.


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Hotel Claris


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