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Hello everyone,

How did your week start?

I'm so excited for next week because I'll be spending some days in Barcelona and not to mention, on the 17th is my birthday !! Yey !

Also, on the 16th I'll be attending the press days in Antwerp and that's always so fun xo

I spent a lovely day in Auderghem last week and I just wanted to share with you some pics from it because I really loved the outfit that I wore and I'm sure you'll appreciate it as well since it was quite popular on Instagram.




I'm a big fan of this #oldmoneyaesthetic and that Ralph Lauren vibe, so lately I have been shop thrifting in this direction. :)

Don't forget, shopping second hand you are also helping the planet by fighting against overconsumption.


#oldmoneyaesthetic #fashionlove #vintagefashion

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