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Hi everyone,

How are you today ? Honestly I've lost track of the number of days since we've been in confinement. They say that starting the 5th of May, we will be gradually going out of this quarantine. The virus is still at large, of course, but I think we'll just have to learn to live with it.

As I previously said, I'm very focused on staying home and doing all my work here, no point in going outside for pics. They are not mandatory.

I transformed my terrace in my shooting space and I'm sticking to it :)

Not only that, but I have a more editorial approach of my pics now.

What I wore:

- Essentiel Antwerp shirt ( found at CAMELEON )

- Pilgrim Jewelry earrings

I still have a discount code at SheIn in case you'd like to get some awesome items :) for an extra 10% off orders 19€+ & 15% off orders 49€+ just use byruxandraQ1 when shopping from outside EU countries and Q7byruxandra15 for EU countries ( 15% off any order !).

Thank you for checking the blog and I wish you all a great week ahead!



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